Firework Friday – Bright Side

Look on the Bright Side, it’s Firework Friday!! Today we are introducing yet another 500-gram value cake! Bright side is yet again an example of us really getting creative with what we can offer at reasonable “value” prices. The biggest difference between this new cake and the cakes we’ve had in that category over the past years, is the amount of shots. Bright Side has 41 shots compared to the more common 8 to 10 shots you get in value cakes! Not only does it have 5 times the amount of shots, but it also has great variety and solid effects! You’ll get really high quality breaks out of Bright Side!

Bright Side starts off with massive silver strobing brocades before spewing out a spray of whistling chasers with glittering tails. Next you will see color changing willows (that’s right….color changers in a value cake!), followed by more whistling chasers with red mines, and finishing off with a breathtaking three shot finale of color changing willows with RED glitter! Your customers are sure to love Bright Side! The perfect cake to light up their sky without breaking their bank!