Firework Friday – House Rivalry

It’s Firework Friday!!! Today we’re introducing you to another value 500-gram, House Rivalry!

One thing we noticed last year about our value section, was that many of our cakes had the same amount of shots and shot patterns. There wasn’t a whole lot of variety. Take Peek-A-Boom for example, it’s an AWESOME cake because it has massive brocades…but that’s all it has. Every shot is a brocade. And it fires them off one at a time until the last two go off together at an angle. Then there’s Justice, every shot is red white and blue, one at a time, until the last two go off together at an angle (again). Now, don’t get us wrong, these are both excellent cakes that we wont be getting rid of any time soon! But we wanted something in our value section with more variety. House Rivalry is just what we were looking for!

House Rivalry is exciting because it has so many different effects packed into it. It starts off with four shots of strobing brocades; then it shoots off four gold tails at once that go up to falling leaves; next it gives four gold tails up to bright neon peonies of pink, purple, and gold strobes; followed by four crackling comets in a fan shape; and ends with a finale of four red, blue and green chrysanthemum breaks. A rivalry like none other that your customers are sure to enjoy!