New Products are Arriving!

It’s that time of year! Slowly but surely the containers are rolling up with our 2016 items. Including brand new products! For us, this time of year is like Second Christmas. We get to see the new products coming in that we spent much of last year working on. We talk with our factories in China every day to make sure they are produced just the way we want them.

Our design team: Mark, Anicia, and Randy keep in constant contact with their friends on the other side of the world. The factory that produces the infamous Black Widow artillery shell has worked with us on producing some great 500-gram cakes for this year.

On the last trip to China, Mark and Randy got to see these new products in person and hand pick the best ones. After selecting the top quality products we must name them and come up with a design for them. We get a good idea of what we want it to look like, and the artist at the factory makes our vision come to life. They send the completed designs to us for approval, and once we give the A-Okay on the new design they begin printing the labels and producing the new product! Last but not least, all the cases are loaded onto shipping containers and sent our way across the Pacific!

It takes several months for the product to travel over the water and land on the west coast. Then it has to be driven all the way across the US to our corporate headquarters in Indiana. By the time they get here, we are about to burst with anticipation. Be sure to stay tuned-in right here to see the revealing of our brand new 2016 products!