Firework Friday – The Money Maker

Introducing the newest member of the RGS 500 Gram Value Cake lineup! This rockin value cake is sure to fly right off your shelves. We didn’t name it The Money Maker for nothin!

One thing we realized we needed more of was value cakes with angles. Last year we had a new item called “Lone Wolf” that was a value cake with angles. It was a huge hit on both performance and price! Everyone loves an angled cake with a unique display, but you don’t always see that with good quality AND at a great value. We worked with the factory that produced Lone Wolf to create multiple angled cakes with different effects around the same price point for our 2019 season. This is the first one! Money Maker starts off with red comets and glittering mines, next you will see two beautiful red plum breaks (one of our favorite effects), red comets with glittering tails and mines, two green plum breaks, and finishing off with HUGE green and red sizzling breaks! You will love that soft sizzle of the plum effect! The Money Maker comes packed 4-2 with it’s sister cake “Just Looking”, stay tuned for more information on that one!