Firework Friday – Mayhem

Let’s cause some Mayhem for Firework Friday! This new for 2019 500-gram cake does just that. As we’ve mentioned by now, we really wanted to get more variety into our value selection this year. We introduced the crossette effect, we introduced some angles, and now we are introducing a sprinkler cake AND whistling chasers! Because of it’s great variety, fast pace, and fun pattern, Mayhem will make a perfect finale for your customers on a budget!

Mayhem starts off with five huge red strobing breaks, five neon green and purple breaks, rips into back and forth rows of neon comets with gold tails and glittering mines, and then goes crazy with whistling chasers! This complete chaos ends with four beautiful brocade breaks of red and green with strobes and then four more breaks of gold brocades to crackling flowers!