Firework Friday – Just Looking

We showed you our new item, Money Maker, last week. This week we’re rolling out its sister cake, Just Looking!

For several years now we have wanted a cake with the crossette effect. We quickly realized it was a very expensive effect to produce in consumer fireworks, and often wasn’t good quality. We felt it wasn’t worth the price to our customers, and so our search continued a few more years. On our recent trip to China, a new factory we have been working with showed us their crossette, and we were blown away by both the quality and price!

We decided on the name Just Looking as a little retail humor. This year when a customer walks into your store and you ask “what can I help you find” and they quickly reply with “Just looking” and try to dodge you, you’ve got the perfect ice breaker! “Oh yea I have that one! It’s right over here actually…”. And if a cat wearing sunglasses doesn’t make them chuckle a little…well, then you know you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Just Looking starts off with red comets to red crossettes, tri-color peonies of green, purple and yellow with gold strobes, green comets to green crossettes, red and blue peonies with silver strobes, and finishes off with tri-color crackling flowers of pink, purple, and yellow!