Firework Friday – Cheeky Monkey!

It’s Firework Friday!! Say hello to Cheeky Monkey! This little 25-shot 200-Gram cake puts on a very impressive display! You will see gorgeous breaks of red strobes, green strobes, blue peonies, white strobes, and lemon peonies!

One of our favorite things about this cake is that lemon peony. It’s such a unique color that you don’t often get in consumer fireworks. The different colored strobes are also something we’re just starting to see more of. Usually with strobes they’re just silver, but as technology keeps improving, factories are getting better and better at creating a good quality strobe that actually has good color! We’re excited to be able to bring you more and more items with these newer colors and effects. We work hard every year to make sure we’re continuously providing our customers the latest in the industry!

We wanted to also create more items that appeal to kids. When mom and dad tells the kids they can pick out a firework themselves, we want to make sure something on the shelf catches their eye! With a bright colored zebra print background and a goofy little monkey, Cheeky Monkey will do just that!

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