2018 Items arriving including the Black Widows

As everyone knows by now there have been both production delays and shipping delays to start this season, but fear not, this has not affected our wildly popular Black Widow Artillery Shells.  The good news is that these delays have had minimal affect on RGS Products.  We will be adding our new items to the web site within the next week.  Not only are all of our items quality tested before they leave the factory, we also test and take high def video of these items once they arrive in the US.  Our new items are never released until they go through this process.  We do not rush to get these items on the site until we know they are worthy to join the RGS brand family of high quality consumer fireworks.

A few notables to be on the lookout for:  The ALL NEW Butterfly Effect 500g cake.  We are shooting the video tonite!  Also – the all new Color Changing 6 pack Black Widows!

We are looking forward to another great 2018 season and we are confident you will love the line up this year more than ever.